International Conference on Plasma Sciences

6 - 10 December 2020, Singapore

Program / Technical Areas

Technical Areas

1.0  Basic Processes in Fully and Partially Ionized Plasmas
    1.1  Basic Phenomena
    1.2 Computational Plasma Physics
    1.3 Space Plasmas
    1.4 Partially ionized Plasmas
    1.5 Dusty Plasmas and Strongly Coupled Plasmas
    1.6 Plasma Chemistry

Technical Area Coordinator(s)

Hae June LEE
Pusan National University


2.0  Microwave Generation and Plasma Interactions
    2.1  Intense Beam Microwave Generation
    2.2 Fast-Wave Devices
    2.3 Slow-Wave Devices
    2.4 Vacuum Microelectronics
    2.5 Codes and Modeling
    2.6 Non-Fusion Microwave Systems
    2.7 Microwave Plasma Interaction

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
University New Mexico
Jinjun FENG
Beijing Vacuum Electronics Research Institute


3.0 Charged Particle Beams and Sources
    3.1  Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources
    3.2 Intense Electron Ion Beams
    3.3 Advanced concepts, novel materials, and new applications

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
Ricky ANG
Singapore University of Technology and Design


4.0  High Energy Density Plasmas and Applications
    4.1  Fusion (Inertial, Magnetic and Alternate Concepts)
    4.2  Particle Acceleration with Laser and Beams
    4.3  Radiation Physics & X-ray Lasers
    4.4 High Energy Density Matter
    4.5  Laser Produced Plasmas
    4.6 Fast Z pinches
    4.7 Plasma Material Interactions

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
Farhat Beg
University of California San Diego
Ravindra Kumar
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research


5.0  Industrial, Commercial and Medical Plasma Applications
    5.1 Nonequilibrium Plasma Applications
    5.2 High-Pressure and Thermal Plasma Processing
    5.3 Plasma Thrusters
    5.4  Environmental and Industrial Applications
    5.5 Medical and Biological Applications

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
Michael KEIDAR
George Washington University
He-Ping LI
Tsinghua University


6.0  Plasma Diagnostics
    6.1  Optical, X-ray and Microwave Diagnostics
    6.2  Particle Diagnostics
    6.3 Electrical (Probe) Diagnositcs

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
Kiel University


7.0  Pulsed Power and Other Plasma Applications
    7.1  Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown
    7.2  Opening and Closing Switches
    7.3  Generators and Applications
    7.4  Compact Pulsed Power and Applications

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
Weihua JIANG
Nagaoka University


8.0  Terahertz Sources, Radiation and Applications
    8.1 THz Spintronics
    8.2 THz Bio
    8.3 THz Communication
    8.4 THz Optics
    8.5 THz Metamaterials
    8.6 THz Spectroscopy and Imaging
    8.7 THz Electronic Devices
    8.8 Quantum Cascade Lasers

Technical Area Coordinator(s)
Yaxing ZHANG
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Willie John PADILLA
Duke University, USA

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