International Conference on Plasma Sciences

24-28 May 2020, Singapore

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Technical Area 4.0 : High Energy Density Plasmas and Applications


4.1 Fusion (Inertial, Magnetic and Alternate Concepts)
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Sasha VELIKOVICH, Naval Research Laboratory
    • Joao SANTOS, University of Bordeaux
4.2 Particle Acceleration with Laser and Beams
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Zhengming SHENG, Shanghai Jiao Tong
    • Tammy MA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
4.3 Radiation Physics & X-ray Lasers
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Sean FINNEGAN, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • Gianluca GREGORI, Oxford University
4.4 High Energy Density Matter
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Paul LEE, National Institute of Education
    • Alla SAFRONOVA, University of Nevada Reno
4.5 Laser Produced Plasmas
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Shinsuke FUIJOKA, Osaka University
    • Rick SYDORA, University of Alberta
4.6 Fast Z pinches
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Pat KNAPP, SNL
    • Pierre GOURDAIN, University of Rochester
4.7 Plasma Material Interactions
    Session Organizer(s):
    • Valery KURNAEV, Moscow Engineering Physics Department
    • Ahmed HASSANIEN, Purdue University

Technical Area Coordinator(s):

Farhat Beg
University of California San Diego
Ravindra Kumar
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

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